Revelation Reverb V2.0
Revelation Reverb V2.0 Revelation Reverb V2.0


Introducing the Revelation V2.0

*** Coming Soon ***

Available late Spring 2020



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The Revelation V2.0 builds on the ever popular Revelation Reverb. Upgrades include true stereo in's & out's, three user selectable algorithms, three user selectable presets, soft click bypass switching, multi-colored LED's showing preset and algorithm status, & press-n-hold for infinite bloom decay.


  • Cyan (Sky Blue) - Our Mod algorithm creates deep lush modulated hall type reverbs. Used to create heavenly pads under your base signal or crank the decay up for out of this world swells.
  • White (Ice) - Our Shimmer algorithm is also based on a warmer hall type reverb but it also creates an upper octave that is feed into the reverb trails creating a warm but bright upper octave used to help create pads that cut through the mix.
  • Yellow (TBD) - Our third algorithm is still ongoing testing, we are in the process of creating another rich studio quality reverb but have yet to settle on our favorite one. Some of our favorites around the shop are Anti-Shimmer (lower octave reverb), Swell (swells in both your dry and wet signals), and a Mod Plate (brighter modulated plate reverb vs. the darker hall reverb).


  • Stereo In's & Out's
  • 3 Selectable Algorithms
  • 3 Selectable Presets (knobs not active in preset mode)
  • Any Algorithm Can Be Saved to Any Preset Location
  • Live Mode (knobs always active)
  • Quick access between Live Mode & Presets
  • Multi-Colored LED's Showing the Status of Each Preset & Algorithm
  • Trails Always Available When Bypassing the Revelation V2.0
  • Trails Available when switching between Live Mode & Presets (only when staying within the same algorithm)
  • Press and Hold the Preset Switch for Infinite Decay
  • Soft Click Bypass Switches
  • 0-100% Wet Mix
  • Over 1 Minute of Decay
  • Power via Standard 9V Negative Tip Power Supply (pwr supply not included)
  • Small Current Draw (less than 100mA)