5-Pin to 1/4" TRS Cable

$29.85 $36.00

Use at the end of your MIDI chain to send MIDI commands to any of JET's MIDI capable pedals (Revelation, Lion, Lamb, etc).

Our custom 5-Pin MIDI connector can be rotated in 8 different directions allowing for a perfect layout to accommodate any pedalboard you throw at it! Re-wiring, soldering, or taking apart the connector is not required, simply loosen the screw on the side of the connector to rotate the barrel in any position.

The TRS end is wired using the worlds smallest and most compact square plug, the SP 550-s, which extends out past the MIDI jack only 3mm! This allows for maximum pedalboard real estate while creating the cleanest, most professional looking connection.

Just like all JET Pedals products, each cable is hand wired and tested for 100% functionality before leaving JET HQ.

Available in three standard lengths, 12", 18", & 24". Custom lengths available, please contact us to inquire/purchase.