Grit Grit Grit Grit

*** Coming Soon ***

Grit is a distortion and clean boost dual drive pedal. Each channel operates independently and is run off an internal 18v charge pump for tremendous headroom.

The clean boost side is a dual cascading JFET boost that will slam the front end of your amp like no other, it does not color your sound and will not add any clipping to your signal thanks to its internal charge pump.

The Grit side is a traditional op-amp based hard clipping distortion circuit however we've provided 3 different clipping options to really open up your sound. The traditional clipping setting is two symmetrical silicon diodes and squash and compress your sound just as you'd expect it would, super compressed, fat, & huge great for big chords. The second clipping option is 3 silicon diodes arranged in an asymmetrical fashion, this is great for that heavy compressed sound but less squashy which is great for lead lines allowing for your individual notes to cut through. The third clipping option is 2 red LED's which results in a very open / less compressed sound, very similar to a natural overdrive circuit.