JET Micro - H9
JET Micro - H9 JET Micro - H9
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The JET Micro - H9 is a 3 button midi controller designed with the Eventide H9 in mind. The Micro has three independent banks (red, green, & blue) which are visually represented by our unique color changing LED. Each button will send unique MIDI messages with a short press, long press, 2-button short press, & 2-button long press (3-button presses are reserved for navigating the individual banks). Since every feature within the H9 is fully customizable, each button press can be tailored to your individual needs! The Micro completely unlocks the H9 and gives you instant access to recalling presets, preset scrolling, the built-in tuner, looper, tap tempo, performance / hotswitch, bypassing the H9, expression pedal (min/max values), control knob parameters (min/max values), and much more!

The red & green banks send unique MIDI CC messages with each short press and unique MIDI PC messages with each long press. CC messages are typically used to control things like preset scrolling, tap tempo, tuner, looper, and toggling between bypass & active state. MIDI PC messages are typically used to recall presets but can also be assigned to toggle between bypass & active as well as preset scrolling.

The blue bank sends unique MIDI CC Toggle messages (on/off) with each short press and unique MIDI PC messages with each long press. MIDI CC Toggle messages are typically assigned to features like the performance / hotswitch, expression pedal, and the 10 different parameter control knobs. Use these buttons to toggle between minimum and maximum values which can be uniquely assigned within the H9 editor/pedal.

If you find that you need switch the button order around (short press sends MIDI PC messages & long press sends MIDI CC messages), we've included a configuration menu at startup that will let you switch these around for either or both the red & green banks.

Download the MIDI Implementation Manual HERE.