Revelation Reverb - "Cloud" Like Reverb
JET Micro - 3 Button Midi Controller for the HX Stomp

About The JET Micro

JET Micro is a 3 button midi controller designed specifically for the HX Stomp. With the JET Micro you will be able to completely unlock the HX Stomp with immediate access to bypass blocks, toggle effect parameters up & down, scroll through presets, toggle between snapshots, tap tempo, utilize the built-in tuner & looper! Its compact, simple, intuitive, and couldn't be easier to use. Designed for the person that likes to get down to business and "plug & play" rather than trying to understand the complex ins & outs of midi programming.

About the Revelation

The Revelation is a feature-packed reverb with 3 different algorithms uniquely voiced for amazing worship tone. Go from modest, small-room reverb to long, modulated trails that sound heavenly.

JET Pedals on Your Boards


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