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About the MCX

The JET MCX is a three button fully editable midi controller designed to be used in conjunction with our user friendly web editor for sending and saving data to your controller.

The architecture is based around 8 banks of controls, uniquely identified by a single color changing LED. Each bank has three buttons (A, B, & C) which can be pressed individually or as a 2-button press (AB or BC) and provide the end user a total of 5 unique button combinations per bank . Each button, and 2-button press, also have two unique press actions defined as a short press and a long press. Each press action / preset can send 16 simultaneous MIDI messages each with their own MIDI type on their own individual MIDI channel. We offer 18 different MIDI types to choose from, such as Control Change, Program Change, etc. See our MIDI Glossary for detailed information on each MID type.

This breaks down to 16 Messages for each press action, 10 press actions per bank, and 8 banks for a total of 1,280 unique MIDI messages that can be sent from the MCX.

USB Class Compliant

The MCX is a USB class compliant MIDI controller that can be powered via the USB buss or with a standard 9V negative tip power supply.

Use the MCX to send messages to your favorite DAW, software plugin, Mac or PC. It can even receive CC & PC messages and relay them through the MCX to the 5-pin MIDI output jack. This can be useful to let software such as Ableton Live completely automate your pedal board and be completely in sync with your backing tracks. 

Control Everything... But the Sound Guy

Midi Enabled Effect Pedals

Multi Effects Racks & Modules

Keyboards & Synths

DAW’s, Plug-in’s, and Music Software (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, etc.)

Each preset can send up to 16 different MIDI messages through 16 different MIDI channels

JET Pedals on Your Boards


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