Your New Favorite Pedal Awaits...

Simple & Intuitive

JET Pedals are engineered with the live player in mind. With simple click commands and LED signals, players can move through sounds and presets easily.

Sophisticated Design

Each JET Pedal has the sounds of the analog pedals you love with the brains of today's technology. Resulting in superior sound and usability.

Created for Worship

Today's popular worship music challenges players to achieve big sound with limited budget. We get that. JET pedals pack a whole lot of punch for the price.

Customer Praise

Bradford Mitchell Pedalboard with JET MCX

I love MIDI and the potential it brings. Lots of MIDI controllers on the market today...and they can be pricey, huge and lock you in to their way of doing things. The JET MCX is compact, affordable and virtually an open-world MIDI pedal. You can make it do what you want but don't need a degree to operate it! I love using it to create song presets and navigate a couple of my MIDI pedals. And the desktop editor is just as great, simple and full-featured! Definitely recommend whether you're new to MIDI or a MIDI Jedi!

Bradford Mitchell, Worship Tutorials
Bradford Mitchell Pedalboard with JET MCX
Zachary Smith Unspoken Pedal Board with JET Revelation, JET Lion, JET MCX and JET Lamb

This is seriously the most amazing reverb pedal I've ever played! It can be warm & subtle, ambient, epic and even cinematic. In fact, those are all the settings I have dialed in and can use ON THE FLY (thanks to preset mode)! And that's not even getting into the MIDI capability. Absolute 10 out of 10!

Zachary Smith, Unspoken playing JET Pedals
Zachary Smith, Unspoken
Zachary Smith Unspoken Pedal Board with JET Revelation, JET Lion, JET MCX and JET Lamb

"I’ve said this many times before that the JET Revelation is my favorite reverb of all time. It has everything I need. The Shimmer setting is unmatched. The Anti-Shimmer is really fun and the Modulated setting is my ultimate go-to sound. It’s the same simple 3-knob layout that I love from other pedals but has the power to store more presets than I could ever use. And if you’ve ever played a reverb that wasn’t stereo and then switch to stereo, your life will never be the same. Couple that with the MIDI capabilities and that’s why I recommend this pedal so much!"

Jimmy Cooper, Hey Worship Leader


How long will it take to get my pedal?

We hand-make and play-test every pedal, making our lead times approximately 2-3 days. Once your order is ready to ship you'll receive an email with tracking info in it.

Do you ship to (insert your country here)?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. You'll have two options at checkout: USPS and DHL. USPS is usually cheaper, however, it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive. DHL has been extremely reliable and usually takes 2-4 days to arrive once shipped.

Do you allow custom colors or artwork?

No, we don't currently make enclosures in-house, so customizing is not possible.

Do you have an artist program?

We are in the process of creating our worship artist program. Please send us a message at [junior at] and we will be in touch with the details.