Updating Firmware to Unity6

Click on the download button below to download the latest firmware to your device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, etc). The Unity6 firmware is not platform specific and can be saved to any device you choose. Once saved to your device, extract the .zip folder and save the .bin file to a location easily accessible. Connect to the Unity6's WiFi, go to jetpedals.local and follow the steps to upload the firmware.

For detailed instructions on connecting to the Unity6's WiFi, or for "how-to" instructions on uploading the firmware. See our user manual here.


v1.0.3 Release Notes

Fixed a bug related to changing the Loop Order and fixed a bug which caused the last loop in the order to not work correctly. Made some minor touchscreen adjustments for easier touchscreen programming and improved the touch response for the Message Type dropdown list. Fixed a bug that caused the Scroll PC message type to not behave in the way it was intended.


v1.0.2 Release Notes

Fixed a bug related to the UniPort assignments not displaying correctly. Fixed a bug where switch 3 has a Long Press Scroll message assigned to it which inhibits the Long Press message from firing. Fixed a couple of small bugs with the MIDI clock. Fixed a bug which didn't allow any of the loops to be engaged when activating a new bank.


v1.0.1 Release Notes

Fixed various bugs that can cause the pedal to restart when programming, bank names not showing up inside the programming menu, and not being able to change the scribble strip colors.