Our Story

Behind every great brand are people who pour in time, talent and treasure. So here's just a little about the people behind your pedal.

We live our brand.

The JET brand is all about excellence in performing and a heart to serve. All our products come from a place of seeking to elevate our players’ experience and help them serve their rooms well. We care deeply that you sound great. We not only make the products, we put them to use in our own ministries. Pictured here are Junior and Jayme getting ready to lead worship inside Lansing State Penitentiary in Kansas.

For us it's personal.

Every JET Pedal is hand-made in our shop in Kansas City, Missouri. We see YOUR name on the sticker when we solder a component, tighten a screw and put a pedal in a box. And when you are local and have to have your Jet Lion by the weekend for church, we've been known to make it happen! ☕️ 🦁

We’re your biggest fans.

We love supporting players who are working on the platform every weekend and pouring out their talent to people all over the world. Whether you're on a big stage or in a small room, we love and appreciate what you're doing and are your biggest fans. Pictured here, the JET team with the Red Rocks Worship team.