The Unity6 is the worlds first MIDI Controller / Loop Switcher with a massive touchscreen, scribble strips, 6 re-arrangeable analog loops, and built-in wireless communication (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) for a complete “no cables needed” programming experience.

 ✪ The Unity6 can send 32 Midi messages per preset, 5 presets per bank (4 switches & rotary dial), and 127 banks totaling over 22,000 midi messages.

 ✪ 3. Multi-function press actions for each switch and rotary dial. Press Release Long Press Long Press Release Long Press Scroll Double Tap Double Tap Hold Double Tap Hold Release

 ✪ It will also fire 16 Midi messages upon activating each bank and you can assign up to 8 Midi messages per expression pedal (EXP1 & EXP2). Each with programmable minimum and maximum values/range per Midi message.

 ✪ 6 mono loops with rearrangeable loop order

 ✪ 4 Uni Ports selectable for expression pedal input, TRS Midi output, External Tap tempo (w/ two separate tap divisions) to control analog pedals, and expandable foot switches (in development).

 ✪ The Unity6 boasts built-in Wi-Fi for programming via any device with a browser (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, iPad, etc.)

 ✪ Built-in Bluetooth for wirelessly controlling software / hardware and for wirelessly receiving Midi and relaying out to your pedalboard (control your board via Ableton Live, Multitracks Playback, Loop Community Prime, etc.)

 ✪ Over the Air firmware updates, with continuous feature developments. Never tear down your pedalboard again trying to access that pesky USB port.

 ✪ Dedicated scribble strips per switch, with on/off identifiers and selectable colors

 ✪ Dedicated tap tempo using either the dial or the tap tempo switch

 ✪ Buffered and Non-Buffered inputs

 ✪ Built-in guitar tuner (currently in development)

 ✪ Built-in “post loop” clean boost

 ✪ Adjustable brightness levels for the touchscreen and scribble strips

Dimensions are 7" wide by 5" deep and 3.5" tall

Current draw is 200mA, use a 9v DC negative tip power supply