Introducing the World's Most Advanced MIDI Controller.

The Unity6 is the world's first MIDI Switcher with a massive touchscreen, editable scribble strips, 6 rearrangeable analog loops, and built-in wireless communication (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) for a complete “no cables needed” programming experience.

Uncompromised MIDI Control

The Unity6 can send 32 Midi messages per preset, 5 presets per bank (4 switches & rotary dial), and 127 banks totaling over 22,000 midi messages. It will also fire 16 Midi messages upon activating each bank and you can assign up to 8 Midi messages per expression pedal (EXP1 & EXP2). Each with programmable minimum and maximum values/range per Midi message.

The Unity6 boasts built-in Wi-Fi for programming via any device with a browser (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, iPad, etc.) The Unity6 also features Over the Air firmware updates, which will allow us to send out continuous developments. Never tear down your pedalboard again trying to access that pesky USB port.

With the built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly control software / hardware and for wirelessly receiving Midi and relaying out to your pedalboard (control your board via Ableton Live, Multitracks Playback, Loop Community Prime, etc.).

Multi-Function Press Actions Per Switch and Dial.

  • Press
  • Release
  • Long Press
  • Long Press Release
  • Long Press Scroll
  • Double Tap
  • Double Tap Hold
  • Double Tap Hold Release

Expansive MIDI Options

Midi IN via 5-Pin DIN connection, Midi IN wirelessly via Bluetooth, Midi Thru / Midi Out (selectable via Global Settings), Bluetooth Midi relayed out via the 5-Pin DIN connection. ¼” TRS Midi out via the UniPorts (selectable Type A, Type B, Tip Active, Ring Active).

UniPort Functionality

4 UniPorts selectable for expression pedal input, TRS Midi output, External Tap tempo (analog pedals), Red remote switching and expandable foot switches (*in development).

Built-In Loop Switcher

Cutting edge technology allows for space saving design and “Zero Loss” analog signal paths. The loop order can be rearranged and saved per preset. Use standard TS patch cables for Loops 1 thru 3 or TRS insert cables (TRS to dual TS) for loop extensions - 1 & 4, 2 & 5, or 3 & 6.

Sleek. Simple. Smart.

Touchscreen Technology

  • 2.8” Bright touchscreen
  • 262k available colors
  • IPS full view screen provides exceptional clarity and contrast at extremely wide viewing angles.

Simple Menus and Controls

  • Dynamically responsive programming. Automatically disables features not needed when programming various midi types (CC, CC Toggle, etc.).
  • Programming interface uses familiar controls, like dropdown menus, sliders, keyboard and icons.

Program from Anywhere

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for programming via any device with a browser (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, iPad, etc.).
  • Simple, intuitive, and easy to use touchscreen menus on the pedal makes programming on stage a breeze.

Get on board with the future of MIDI.

Dedicated scribble strips per switch with on/off identifiers and selectable colors.

6 mono loops with rearrangeable loop order.

Over the Air firmware updates, with a continuous feature development plan. Never tear down your pedalboard again trying to access that pesky USB port.

Special Pre-Order Price: $449.99.

$549.99 after June 14. Pre-order May 17-June 14. Shipping will begin once pre-order period has closed.

Pre-Order 5/17